Downstream Access

Since postal regulation ended in 2006, organisations other than Royal Mail may now act as postal operators in order to collect, sort and distribute mail in the UK.

For certain mail formats you can now make considerable postage savings using DownStream Access (DSA) providers. PackPost can help you achieve these savings by reviewing your postal needs and providing you with a tailored solution that is right for you and your business.

Your post will still be hand-delivered by Royal Mail, but by this stage, our DSA providers have already collected and sorted the mail and this is where the cost savings happen. By providing the initial sortation up to the last stage of delivery cheaper than Royal Mail, we can pass these cost savings onto you. In addition, we can achieve a two day delivery time cheaper than other method in the marketplace, which is a great way to help reduce your company’s overheads.

However, Downstream Access is not just about cheaper UK postage, it also provides

  • Guaranteed 2 day delivery time
  • Flexible pick up times
  • Each bag is sorted and tracked minimising risk of mis-routing
  • Proof of Delivery (POD) available online

DownStream Access is not suitable for everyone however and ultimately depends on the format of your mailing. Contact PackPost today to find out the best solution for your mailing requirements.